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What are the advantages of TV Advertising?

TV advertisements has the ability to demonstrate a product or service to the viewers simultaneously by taking their attention of hearing and sight. So when the viewers are watching the TV, they can immediately see how the product is used and how it can benefit them.

The appearance of advertisements on TV can only be ‘skipped’ by turning the TV off or switching to a different channel. Not like when watching videos on Youtube, where you can skip the ads or use certain applications to block the ads or even when reading newspapers you can just flip to a different page. Therefore, the viewers are ‘forced’ to see your ads so for the sake of their favourite TV shows! This gives you higher probability for viewers to see your advertisements on TV!

Creating entertaining advertisements to attract viewers’ attention is one of the advertising strategy. Most viewers like advertisements that are not cliché and are capable of attracting their attention. Mostly, television commercials that highlight humour and things that are less common can actually make the advertised product viral!

Ability to reach consumers personally TV advertisements are basically recorded presentations. When the advertisement is played about a particular product, it is like giving a presentation to individuals. Since television has a wide range, the marketing of a product will be easier even when they have not met the consumer.

Last but not least, TV advertisements gives a huge impact to the viewers where they will easily remember the advertisement. With television advertising, this impact can be easily achieved. The viewers are ‘forced’ to remember a brand and product since it will appear on TV frequently.


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