Based on recent statistics, in 2019, the total forecasted digital out of home (OOH) advertising spending in Malaysia is expected to be approximately 60 million U.S. dollars.

As reported by StarBizWeek in its article “The Uptrend of Outdoor Advertising”, the President of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Malaysia (OAAM), Henry Low says that the expenditure for outdoor advertising as well as the number of sites are still growing. According to Low, the top categories amongst OAAM members spending with the outdoor advertising are automobile, telco, mobile phones, banking, oil and gas, food and beverage, education and the travel industry.

What makes these major industry players spend millions in outdoor advertising or out-of-home advertising? The answer is simple — It’s because outdoor advertising is impactful!

Reach Out to Thousands of Road Users Every Day

By simply displaying the visual and tagline of your product and services on a billboard or bus wrap, you are actually exposing your brand to thousands of road users on a daily basis. And by portraying your visual ads to road users, especially during peak hours, will help inscribe the image of your brand, product or services in the consumers’ mind — in short, they remember you whenever they need your products or services.

Outdoor Advertising Can Be Affordable!

Many small and medium business owners have misperception about outdoor advertising whereby they often think that outdoor advertising is too expensive. It’s time to tweak this misperception! There are many types of outdoor advertising besides billboards, which include bus shelters, kiosks, train and LRT, cars and so forth. In fact, there are a range of advertising packages that can be custom-made to fit the advertising budget of SME business owners. Click here to discover how you can optimise your advertising budget to reach out to your target customers effectively!

If your competitors are actively advertising, are you going to just stay idle?

While your competitors are staying active with a range of advertising activities and promotions through outdoor advertising, what actions have you taken? If you have not kickstarted your advertising campaign, it’s time to start now! And if your current advertising effort doesn’t give you the results that you desire, it’s time to start to strategizing your marketing and advertising plan. You might want to ask yourself some of these questions such as who is your target customers (be more specific), what sets you apart from your competitors (your unique selling proposition) and how you should schedule your advertising to get the results you desire.   

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