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POSITIVE MEDIA connects you to the best media partners with cost-effective advertising solutions, making ads placement affordable for every business owner. We truly understand that you need an affordable, on-going advertising solution to help promote your brand, products or services frequently and consistently to build brand awareness, visibility and generate sales leads. Thus, POSITIVE MEDIA offers you the consultation to pick the right advertising channel to get the results that you are expecting at an affordable rate!

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is still on-trend! If you think that radio advertising is out-dated during this digital era, you might want to think twice about this misperception! Why, you may ask?

The answer is simple — radio advertising is still on-trend! What’s more, it is affordable and can easily reach out to millions of radio listeners, anyone whom could be your target customers!

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Newspaper Advertising

Newspapers usually classify their contents based on certain sections, your ads placement is usually matched against the relevant section, and thus, offering you a more specific target audience or readers.

For instance, a Lifestyle Section of the newspapers will be benefiting for lifestyle related products and services such travel packages, fashion apparels, food and beverages, etc.

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Cinema Advertising

Cinema is one of the top entertainment options in Malaysia! Do you know that the cinema industry has become one of the most flourishing entertainment segments?

Thanks to the new media trends that consistently create buzz for new movies and blockbusters such as trailers, previews, behind-the-scene clips of upcoming movie releases, cinema in Malaysia has become one of the most preferred entertainment spots. The flourishing cinema industry also opens the door for cinema advertising.

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TV Advertising

TV advertisements has the ability to demonstrate a product or service to the viewers simultaneously by taking their attention of hearing and sight.

So when the viewers are watching the TV, they can immediately see how the product is used and how it can benefit them.

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Billboard Advertising

Outdoor advertising, basically covers a wide spectrum of ads placement on locations that are highly visible to consumers such as conventional billboards, digital billboards as well as interior or exterior signages of shopping malls.

However, for most people, billboard is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk or think about outdoor advertising. Why? It is because the billboard advertisement sticks in your mind!

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Transit Advertising

Transit Advertising is divided into three categories which are bus, car and MRT-LRT advertising. Bus, car, MRT and LRT advertising will help reach out to a mass audience and also target a specific location.

Bus AdvertisingIf you are looking for an on-going advertisement channel that is cost-effective with high visibility, bus advertising is a great choice!

Car AdvertisingWith various types of taxi services ranging from Budget Taxi, Airport Taxi, Grab Car, Premier Taxi and many more, your advertisement actually travels from town to town, and even across the border from one state to another.

MRT, LRT Advertising: MRT and LRT lines cut across the border of cities to several larger key areas.

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“Positive Media has been the best advertising company I have worked with by far! The quality and pricing of the advertisements are excellent. We will definitely work with them again in the future.”

— Andrew Ng

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