While advertising, there are two straightforward options to choose from, Print Ads and Online Ads. Print ads include Brochures, flyers, and ads in Newspapers and Magazines (many other printed material for public). Online ads include PPC, social media and many forms are coming up in Online Ads. These two are clearly very diverse.

But Print Ads or Online Ads?

In the best case scenario, your business would want to use both print and online advertising approaches to reach the highest numbers of targets. But, if you have to choose one or the other, I am sure, you would cherry-pick online advertisements as solely the better choice.

Do not discard Print Ads yet…

Whether you are just launching a new business or you’re a veteran entrepreneur, tests of how to best influence your clients is an accustomed pain. With Covid 19 Pandemic around and persistent changes in marketing and advertising, it’s tough to keep up with all the mediums and avenues to choose from. But despite all the options available, one medium that continues to be a worthy investment is Newspapers.

What is Newspaper Advertising?

Newspaper advertising has been the longest-running form of advertising available for businesses to market their products and services. There are a lot of variables that go into a newspaper ad, depending on objectives. But, mostly, newspaper advertising is running an ad for your business in a publication – either print or digital.


Is it worth to advertise in your local newspaper?

Before going into the advantages of newspaper advertising, it’s essential to note how Malaysians current media consumption and learn about the most accessed media outlets.

  • Only 38% believe that offline media will slowly phase out in the next 5 years, while 62% believe it will still be relevant.
  • Top 3 offline media outlets that are consumed the most is the television (82%). The radio (58%), and Newspapers (47%).
  • Top 3 English language newspapers that respondents frequently read are The Star, New Straits Times, and The Sun.
  • Top 3 Malay language newspapers that respondents frequently read are Sinar Harian, Harian Metro, Berita Harian.

So, even though technological progresses, many people still choose the traditional print format for news.

Advantages of Newspaper Advertising

Better Range

We’re all aware with the short attention span most human have. On the internet, that’s a mere 8 seconds.

This shows that print advertising has great potential in getting your message to your readers and encouraging them to act.


For printed media like newspapers and magazines, readers are much more inclined to pay attention for more extended periods of time. Newspaper readers consume news in this medium because they both do so leisurely (and are therefore not rushed like the digital counterparts), or they value the news and content.

Enhance Target

Depending on the types of publications you are working with, many newspapers offer ways in which businesses can target particular audience demographics. You can get even more focused by using a niche publication to target a specific demographic or ethnic group. When you combine your print strategy with digital initiatives, you can leverage behavior targeting through a newspaper’s digital property. In this way, you can ensure your message will get in front of your target audience across many different platforms at a higher frequency than choosing print or digital alone.

Less Expensive

Newspaper advertising costs vary and can get very very expensive if you don’t do it right. Still, when done well, newspaper advertising typically costs less per thousand readers than many other forms of marketing.


There are many kinds of newspaper ads you can choose from Display, classified, inserts etc. You also can choose the exact size, location, and design for your ad.

More, a newspapers and Agencies have a team of designers that can work with you to create your ad if you’re a smaller business owner and don’t have design resources.

Better Engagement

A majority of newspaper readers are much more engaged with newspapers because they value the news more than they do when scrolling social media or watching television.

Whether it’s print or digital, newspaper readers are highly engaged and super attentive.

Early Adopters

This may be a surprise to you, in fact most newspaper readers are actually early adopters to new products and brands. And for a new business, appealing to early adopters is critical to building momentum. Besides being early adopters, but they also have significant purchasing power. Newspapers is one of the best channel to directly get in front of an affluent, educated audience ready to spend some money. With proven track record.

Bridges The Gap Between Online And Offline

Even though it’s print, newspaper ads are highly effective in this digital age. 62% of consumers trust print advertisements more than search engine ads.


Newspaper Advertising Costs

Newspaper advertising rates vary, as is the case for all forms of marketing, depending on a few factors. Some of these factors include:

  • Ad size : Newspaper ads are sold by column cm in Malaysia. Bigger the size, will take up more print or digital real estate so it will cost more compare smaller ones.

  • Ad Position : Request to put your ad near the front of the newspaper is going to cost more than placing an ad near the back. Where you choose to place the ad on the page is another factor.

  • Number of Ads : Daily newspapers ad will cost more than monthly or weekly, but the more you run an ad, the less it will cost over time. In newspaper advertising, the more you buy, the more discounts you will be able to get, so make sure to inquire about any potential deals

  • Ad types : Price varies from types of ad. For instance, a house for sell (line ads) classified ad may cost less than a box ad or Display advertisement on an editorial page.


Types of Newspaper Advertising

There are three main buckets – or categories – in which businesses can run their newspaper ad as.

Display Ads

Display ads are more common types of newspaper ads. It is also known as box ads. They are dedicated various sections of newspaper page running from one-eighth of a page to a full page.

From FMCG products like cosmetics, electronics, and home goods to Property, Car, Travels and many industry are found in these spaces.


Classified Ads

These are specific listings, charged by word count, that are organized by various categories such as Pets for Sale, Employment Wanted, Local Activities, Announcements, and more. 

They can appear both in print and digital versions.



Newspaper Advertising Tips

Some of the best newspaper advertising tips and actions you need to know if you are going to pursue newspaper advertising as a medium.

Select Newspapers Carefully

Not every newspaper is the same.

It’s true, every business owner can advertise on Facebook (their audience can be narrowed), but not every business can or should advertise in a The Edge, Sinar Harian, Berita Harian,The Star, Sinchew  newspaper.

In Malaysia there are Malay, English, Chinese, Tamil language papers are available. Think about the type of audience you want to reach to determine the best action plan.

Conduct Research

Research your newspaper options and negotiate rates, but also do research your competitors. It becomes counter intuitive while competing for the same customers’ attention. It’s smart to go where your competition isn’t, so be reminded of where competitors are advertising, what their ads look like, what message they are dispensing.

Focus On Design

The audience may be logically more engaged in the content. Being advertiser, still need to grab readers’ attention. So it is imperative to think creatively and focus on attractive headlines, beautiful imagery, and catchy slogans readers can remember.

Your message must be short yet informative enough to take desired action.Newspaper ads fail when businesses run ads with mediocre copy and inferior visual design.

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