1. Greater Creativity and Flexibility

Digital billboard offers greater creativity as different format of presentation can be used to portray your brands, products or services. From animation to video ads, you can create a promotional video that matches the theme of your marketing campaign. What’s more, the advertisement on digital billboard can be displayed on specific time of days, for instance, during heavy traffic hours, which offers greater flexibility. In addition, it allows you to change messages throughout the course of the advertisement’s tenure.

2. Cost-Savings

Digital display on billboards does not require poster printing, and thus, cutting down the cost of printing.

3. Real-Time Updates

With advancement of digital technology, real-time updates to current events can be displayed instantaneously on digital billboards.

4. Targeted Demographic

Digital billboards positioned on locations with high visibility such as exterior building of shopping malls or buildings facing the direction of heavy on-coming traffics offers a better exposure to capture attention of specific demographic of consumers.

5. Effective Brand Building

You can easily boost your brand awareness among the mass public with digital billboard advertising. For instance, a brief video ad can be repeatedly displayed on the digital billboard over a hundred times every day.

Tips for Effective Digital Billboard Advertising

Here are some tips to help advertisers to optimise their digital billboard advertisements:

• Craft an engaging advertisement with simple and appealing tagline, images, and animations or video choreography that can evoke emotions or feelings of consumers to stimulate a reason to buy your products or services.

• Choose billboard location with high visibility and heavy traffic flow to reach out for a wider range of audience. Call us now!