How do you determine whether cinema advertising is the right advertising for your products or services? Here are a few factors that may help you consider about advertising in cinema:

1. Cinema advertising is highly effective for short promotional campaigns

For instance, if you are running a short promotion for Valentine’s Day, placing the cinema ads one to two months before Valentine’s Day would be ideal, and if your ads can be placed along movie genre that is related to love and relationship, it would create a much greater impact.

2. Genre of Movie and Target Age Group

If your target audience are parents and children, it would be best if the advertisement matches the genre of movie that is suitable for viewing of parents with their kids such as animation, cartoons, and certainly not thriller or horror genre. If your target market are teenagers to adults, placing cinema advertisement with the action or thriller genre makes more sense and more appealing.

3. Location and Demographic of Target Audience

If you would like to target a specific group, for example, English movie-goers or Chinese movie-goers, you should first find out what whether the cinema is located in the areas where the majority of people within that community is mainly well-verse in English or Chinese. This will help you make a better choice as to which cinema in which location to choose that best fits your advertisement and marketing aims.

4. Frequency and Duration

If you are considering cinema advertising, frequency and duration are some of the aspects you may want to look into as they also affect the advertisement cost. For instance, the loading charges based on the sequence of your ads before the main featured film starts will also determine the cost of your cinema advertisement. For example, counting down from the tenth position before the main film begins, the loading charge will be much lower as compared to ads placed at the second or first position before the main film begins. Certain cinemas that are listed as Prime Cinemas at certain popular locations would have a different advertisement rate. Whereas, premium slot, movie trailer tag-on or sponsor lead-in slot will require a higher loading charge.

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