The standalone feature of a billboard advertisement that is huge in size can easily catches the attention of consumers who pass by the billboard. With the right copywriting of simple and effective slogans, appropriate images and design, and set up in a good location, billboards ads can do wonders in imprinting your brands into consumers mind.

Imagine the image of your product or service featured on a large billboard stretching along an overhead bridge, and with the heavy traffic along this road, thousands of vehicles pass through this road every day, it means that your brand, product or service will be repeatedly portray to consumers who frequently pass through this road. Hence, the image of your brand, products or services will be imprinted in consumers mind.

Let’s do a simple arithmetic …

Assuming if 1,000 vehicles pass by the road every day where your billboard advertisement is located, in 30 days, the image of your brand, products or services will be showcased to 30,000 vehicles which pass by this road.

Let’s take the most conservative figure, say 1% of the 30,000 passers-by in a month actually call to make inquiry about your products or services, you will get at least 300 leads which can be potentially turned into your customers.

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